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Cabot Animal Shelter Adoption Fair

This Saturday

December 13th


Welcome Friends!




Safari Pets, Inc. is focused on providing quality service and customer satisfaction. We want to ensure you have everything you need for your special friend. We offer a variety of products and services for your pet, specializing in small animals, birds, fish, reptiles, dogs, and cats.


A wide selection of fresh and saltwater fish and aquatic plants

Small animals

Birds. rabbits, mice, hedgehogs, 

hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, and rats like this cute little guy

Reptiles and More

Turtles, snakes, geckos, bearded dragons, and other lizards


You have decided to get a pet. Adding a new family member is a big deal. What kind of animals do you like? Are you a dog person? A bird person? Or do you lean toward the exotic? Are you into snakes, bunnies, or rats? How about the other members of your family? You may need to rethink getting that kitty if Mom is severely allergic. 

   Let's say you've decided on a dog. There is nothing quite like that look of complete adoration your canine companion gives you. What kind of pup suits your lifestyle? Are you outdoorsy and active? Maybe a big lab is right for you. Do you have plenty of time to spend with your four legged friend? A large breed dog will need exercise and attention. If your family is always busy and rarely home, perhaps this isn't the best fit. 

   Whatever pet you decide upon will need care and feeding. Take into consideration:

  • Children's age - will they be able to care for the pet themselves or will it be left to mom and dad?
  • Time available - caged mice, rats, hamster, and rabbits usually remain caged but will still need food and fresh water daily and cages cleaned regularly. Dogs need frequent walks. 
  • Commitment - A parrot can be a wonderful addition to the family but keep in mind that some varieties live 60 or more years. That is a commitment. Small breed dogs require less exercise but many breeds require regular grooming and daily brushing.                                                     Do your research! If you are set on a dog, speak with your local groomer to find out which breeds fit your level of commitment. The groomer can tell you which breeds need grooming every few months or every few weeks. They are also familiar with which breeds are prone to skin, ear, or eye conditions. If you feel that a snake or lizard is your ideal new best friend, the local pet store is your best source for information. Talk with the people who handle and care for these animals on a daily basis. Store staff can tell you how large that python will get and exactly how many crickets your lizard will need to eat each week. They can also advise you about habitats and products to keep your pet healthy.               Whatever furry, scaly, or finned friend you decide upon, remember that your pet will be completely dependent on you. It is a big responsibility. Ask questions, consider your lifestyle, and choose wisely.