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Safari Pets

808 W. Main Cabot, AR  Phone 501- 628- 0067  Open Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm   Closed Sunday

Safari Pets is known region wide for our large aquatic selection of both freshwater and saltwater varieties.  We have dozens of fish species and great selections of both freshwater plants and saltwater corals.  We have a lot of popular species that you will find in most hobbyist's tanks and also some of the coolest and most unique oddities anywhere around!  We sell everything from bettas and goldfish to cichlids and saltwater fish and coral.  If we don't have it in stock we can order ALMOST any species and variety.  
Our store sells lots of tanks from betta and nano tanks to BIG tanks up to 150 gallons!  We have all your chemical, aquatic supplies, and fish foods of all varieties!